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Who will be National's new social influencer-in-chief?

Newshub logoNewshub 14/02/2018 Max Molyneux, Ben O'Connor

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The National Party's master of social media marketing, Bill English, is stepping down.

This means someone in the party will have to take up his mantle as social media influencer-in-chief.

But who could compare to the relatability, on-screen charisma and insightfulness 

of Bill English?

He walk-ran his way to the top tier of Facebook video content. 

His "spaghetti on pizza" went international.

And who could ever forget, "Help! Mary has put me in charge of making this year's Christmas cake"?

Yes, the former Prime Minister really is a hard act to follow - so who's up for the challenge?

Northcote MP Dr Jonathan Coleman gets top marks for effort, but scores very low for originality.

Sorry John, but the "technologically illiterate dad" look belongs solely to the late, great Bill.

Tauranga MP Simon Bridges has obviously been breaking the bank on his digital video - it looks like he's actually hired someone to hold his iPhone for him. Subcontracting the videography out to a professional is a great way to add a little artistic flair to an otherwise bland video. Top work, Simon.

Also bringing out the big guns, Steven Joyce's recent offering from Waitangi 2018 really pulled out all the stops. Photos that zoom, a well-lit professionally framed piece to camera, and the ability to actually hear what he's saying.

Still, it's a big step down from 2016 - nothing says 'clickable' like a dildo to the face.

'Dildo-gate' catapulted Joyce to international fame. He even featured on John Oliver, a feat achieved by only the top-level National Party social influencers.

And sliding into last place is Judith Collins.

Shaky camera work and audio so bad, it could have been recorded inside one of Collins' car crushers. 

The first MP to formally announce her bid for leadership is in desperate need of a social media masterclass.

Coming out on top is deputy leader Paula Bennett, who really knows how to make a connection with her audience.

And she gets an A+ for variety - her Facebook page features content ranging from machine guns to bowl lattes.

Now, if she could just poach Simon's videographer, we may have our new social media mastermind.

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