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'You gotta pull over': Bunnings shoppers hilariously caught on camera trying to transport timber across two cars

Newshub logo Newshub 30/11/2021 William Hewett
The TikTok shows Bunnings shoppers trying to transport timber by balancing it across two cars © Image - TikTok - Building_work_vibes The TikTok shows Bunnings shoppers trying to transport timber by balancing it across two cars © Provided by Newshub

Two funny and highly unusual videos have caught shoppers at Bunnings Warehouse trying to transport timber wood by balancing it across two cars.

The videos were posted onto the social media site TikTok by building_work_vibes and have been viewed almost 1 million times since they went up on Tuesday morning.

The videos show two cars - one driving forward, the other in reverse - trying to leave Bunnings in tandem with the wood sticking out the back windows of the two cars. 

It is estimated that the wood stretches out to be around 5-10m long.

The first video shows the car facing forward edging its way towards the exit but then it stops and the driver gets out to inspect the timber to make sure it doesn't hit anything. 

The person filming the TikTok in a nearby car is clearly shocked and amazed by the whole situation. 

"Check this fella out," the man who posted the TikTok says while another person in the vehicle adds, "is he going to drive like this?" 

The second video shows the front car start moving forward while the other car starts reversing backwards as they work in tandem heading towards the exit. 

The man filming the TikTok can't believe what he is seeing and tells the driver of the car facing forward that he isn't allowed to have wood sticking out of his vehicle. 

"Nah mate, nah brother you got to pull over mate, you got to pull over," he says. But the driver of the car takes no notice and continues driving towards the exit. 

The man filming the TikToK toots his horn to get the driver's attention.

"You can't drive like that brother," he says to the person in the car with the wood sticking out who starts pleading his case. 

The video has to be seen to be believed and has left many stunned. One person who commented on the video said "I'm invested now and need to know what happened next", while another person joked: "calm down, he's got a flag on it."

According to the NZTA, "a standard motor vehicle may be used to transport an over-dimension load provided that the load is indivisible, and is loaded in a way that minimises its width."

A standard motor vehicle may transport more than one over-dimension load, if the loads:

  • aren't wider than 2.55 metres if they're loaded side by side
  • aren't higher than 4.3 metres if they're loaded one above the other
  • aren't longer than the standard length or rear overhang limits for that vehicle if they're loaded one behind the other.

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