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‘Hottie!’ Public fawn over BBC’s GORGEOUS news reporter 28/09/2016 Fionnuala OLeary

James Longman © James Longman The gals on Twitter have been having a field day with the BBC’s 'babe' of a news reporter this week.

James Longman, who looks like David Beckham and Matt Damon’s lovechild, is the broadcaster’s main man in Beirut and has been causing a stir with his news reportage, not to mention his absolutely ripped body. 

Mr Longman has been setting hearts a’racing since he took part in a Q&A session about Syria on the BBC News’ Facebook page last week.

SWOON. Pic: BBC © Provided by Associated News SWOON. Pic: BBC

However, some people were distracted from the issues at hand when the delish journalist appeared. And yes, we know they’re objectifying him here but come on.

One rather witty user commented: ‘Are you Richard gears love child [sic]?’

Another wrote: ‘ I think half of the audience is looking at your beauty instead listening to the news! Such a handsome man!’ ‘The audio isn’t working well, but the visual is just fine,’ said another lady, followed by a suggestive winky face.

However, James seems to have taken the attention in his stride, telling the Mail on Sunday that he’s ‘very flattered’ by all the attention.

Saaf Landan 🎥🇬🇧

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‘Lol this guy is too good looking to be doing news,’ declared another Longman fan. ‘Who’s really paying attention to what he is saying?’

I'll take it 💃

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