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10 Steps to Launch Your Best-Selling Book

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Written By: Jotina Buck
So you want to be an author?
Let me be the first tell you, it's not an easy feat but the reward is truly worth it.
I never imagined I would be a best-selling author in less than one year. I always knew there was a book inside of me but I didn't know how to give birth to it in a way that would resonate with the masses.
As an international speaker and life teacher, I knew I wanted the world to hear more of my story. I read books day and night about how to become a best-selling author. I carefully followed the steps I learned and quickly realized I had to create my own game plan. Here's what it looked like--tons of mistakes that I quickly learned from, coupled with many late nights and early mornings that affirmed my commitment. Besides, only an insanely committed person would do life on one hour of sleep, right? But hey, I knew my why and I had a "crazy glue" type of commitment to it. The process of birthing my book was also an uphill battle of getting a hundred no's for every yes, trial and error and failure beyond belief. And if you really want your book to come to fruition, you too must have an insane commitment to the process.
Here is the great part, holding my first published book was definitely sweeter than the taste of tears on my cheeks the nights I cried myself to sleep. And If you are reading this, I believe you have a vision for your life. You may not know all the details right now, but you know a book is inside of you--waiting to be birthed.
Looking back on my road to best-selling author, I feel as though I have to share what I learned with others; so I developed a list of ten simple steps you can follow to write and launch your best-seller:
1. Be sure of your message.
2. Tell the whole story.
3. Know your target audience (know who you want to read your book--women, children, college students, parents, etc.).
4. Build your platform (attend networking events, join affiliate organizations and get connected).
5. Promote you to every one (use social media to your advantage).
6. Recognize the value you bring to your brand.
7. Create an undeniable marketing package (write a book plan to present to publishing houses).
8. Go after media platforms relentlessly (have press releases, contact local news and submit blogs on your platform).
9. Hire a PR representative (if you don't know how to be your own agent).
10. Promote your platform before you sell your book.
So, here is the golden nugget my friends-- the LAUNCH is just as important as the text. The last thing you want to do is write the book of your dreams and it not sell. Books don't have legs. They won't get up and sell themselves. The pre-work is just as important as signing your first copy. You must have a definitive message, solid audience, precise platform, concise book plan and killer marketing package to become a bestseller.
Remember this: YOU have to sell it before you sell it! I don't claim to know it all but I sure will say these ten steps are tried and true. Launching your best seller can be done. Remember, you don't need a book in hand to build an audience for a message you believe in. Trust me, having a book has its advantages, such as: coining you as an expert in the subject matter, making you an authority in your industry, allowing you to stand out among your competitors and (one of my favorites) generating passive income. The key is making those advantages work in your favor.
How's that for your hard work? The blood, sweat and tears of publishing a best-selling book are truly worth it. Now, get to work!
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Jotina is no stranger to loss, failure and hardship. Her story of losses and triumphs evokes change across the world as she is an International Speaker. She is trained in mind mapping, positive psychology, visioning and spiritual development. Her creative approaches to create change and produce sustainability are truly world class change agents.
Check out for more details on her Amazon's Best Seller Change Your Language, Change Your Life: Discovering What You Can Say Differently Today to Change Your Tomorrow and for details on her Life Change Workshops.
For booking email Be sure to follow her on social media @jotinab.

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