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100% Life

ICE Graveyard 11/04/2016 Rajan Thapaliya
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Every day is a new beginning, take a deep breath and start again.- Unknown
Have you lived life to the fullest? Do you believe life can be 100%? If so, why haven't you lived life at 100%? What's wrong with you?
Most of us are far from the success we desire. The reason is because we are manipulated by our dogmas, by our society, and by fear of what others will think.
100% Life is about not letting others govern your decisions, and by extension, your life. Life is all about making choices and it is entirely up to you how you choose to live it. They say that you never know when you will die, but death is often closer than you think. So why wait? You may not have enough time to enjoy life to the fullest and do wonderful things if you don't start today.
You certainly don't have to wait to live for others - it's your life! And you certainly don't have to rely on anybody other than God. For nobody can make you permanently happy. Nobody can make you smile permanently. Nobody can fix you or heal your wounds for you. You have your own spirit and you know yourself best, so only you can effectively heal yourself and paint a permanent, genuine smile on your face.
But you probably know by now that you cannot do everything alone. And you cannot rely on other humans for your happiness. Who can you turn to? Turn to God. He also knows you best, for He created you. He loves you so completely and eternally that you can always rely on him. Believe in God and give Him 100% devotion. God has a plan and He will take care of you. Trusting yourself means trusting in God. Show the world who you are! Show the world how devoted you are to the Holy Spirit!
Trusting in yourself means trusting in God. Give up your need to control, to worry. Say goodbye to stress and good bye to depression. There is no need to feel stressed or depressed when God is good and He has a plan for you. All you need to do is good work to help others and to consequently clean your own soul.
This is how you live your life 100%. One hundred percent life means a pure life. It means living life to the fullest. It means doing all that you are capable of doing, to add positively to both your life and to the world.
Purity of life is not a mathematical equation with a perfect solution; instead, it is a process. There will be pitfalls, there will be failures. But trust that God will carry you through these rough patches to victory and triumph. Even the bad things that may befall you are all part of His plan. Learn to trust Him and to view negative events as sources of learning.
Today is your day, so let's start living 100% today. Be ready for everything that comes into your life. Embrace positive change and trust in God to carry you safely through negative change. Learn to love yourself and trust in yourself as much as your Creator does.
Promise yourself, your life never will be the same.

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