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11 Reasons You Should Pull the Plug on Entrepreneurship Right Away

The Huffington Post logo The Huffington Post 19/02/2016 Neil Patel
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You've heard people say, "Entrepreneurship isn't all it's cracked up to be."
Have you been ignoring their subtle warnings? It's true! Entrepreneurship isn't a bed of roses. It is not for the faint of heart. It is really hard work, and there are some very low times indeed.
If you are still banging your head on the brick walls of entrepreneurship, may I suggest 11 reasons you should get out as quickly as possible?
The sooner you quit being an entrepreneur, the longer you get to work in a dead-end job.
1. You'll save yourself from harsh discouragement.
Don't you just hate being discouraged? It's rough.
If you want to avoid unnecessary discouragement, then get out of entrepreneurship while you still have a chance. There's hope.
2. There's some corporate cubicle farm out there that needs you.
Think about it. Somewhere in this wide world is a large corporation. They are looking for someone like you. Your talents. Your expertise. Your experience.
In fact, if you get your resume ready, apply, wait 8 weeks, get an interview, possibly get a second and third interview, and then are accepted for the job, you might get that cubicle all to yourself.
It feels good to be wanted like that, doesn't it?
3. You prefer the comfort of being told what to do.
Following instructions is good. There's something reassuring about being able to follow the dictates of someone in authority -- someone who knows what they're doing.
If you remain stuck in entrepreneurship, you are the captain of your own fate! That's really risky. How much better would it be if you were to entrust your destiny to some boss who can tell you how to run your life better?
4. You'll get your weekends and evenings back again!
Entrepreneurs have zero fun. How could they? They work all the freaking time.
But if you get out now, you'll get your weekends and evenings back!
That's the American dream isn't it? Work from 9-5, and then it's Netflix time until 1am!
And your weekends! Maybe you can ask your friend -- you know, the rich entrepreneur friend -- if you can go fishing in his big bass boat.
And then, after that's done, you can drink beer on your back porch and grill some hamburgers. Sunday morning, just sleep in as long as you want!
Ah, the dream! (Don't get too jealous if you're still an entrepreneur.)
5. You can invest your talents into building someone else's dream.
There are people out there who have massive dreams. Wouldn't you like to help them build those dreams?
As long as you're trying to be an entrepreneur, you won't get to help them.
Free yourself from the shackles of entrepreneurship, and build something bigger than yourself -- the dream of another entrepreneur.
It's a glorious thing. (Especially for the entrepreneur whose dream you're building.)
6. Life is meant to be lived out in quiet security.
Entrepreneurs often make a big splash. Everyone knows their names. They are subject to public scrutiny and criticism.
You might as well avoid all of that. Quit being an entrepreneur, and you can live your life in quietude, normalcy, and obscurity.
7. Being normal is so darn comfortable.
It's thrilling to fit in, isn't it?
I sometimes suggest that aspiring entrepreneurs should "do something embarrassing in public," like lay down on a sidewalk in their underwear.
Who in their right mind would want to do something so freakishly obscene?
See what I mean? Maybe you prefer comfort to craziness. Maybe you prefer security to excitement. Maybe you long for stability over chaos.
Maybe you simply want to live like everyone else.
8. You never wanted to drive a Rolls Royce anyway.
The stares can get awkward after a while. And the yacht and private jet? Psh! You could care less.
9. It's really hard work. Can you imagine? Hard work for so long?!
Hard work is such a drag. Working 12-hour days. Sleeping five-hour nights. Seven days a week.
Some entrepreneurs say "it's worth it." Psychology has told us that in order to feel good, we should work hard. We should have big goals that stretch our minds and wear us out.
But contrary to what psychology tells us, you know that relaxing feels so much better. If you chill long enough and hard enough, you might feel good about yourself, about the world, and about your dreams and vision.
Think about it. A long binge watch on the sofa -- complete with junk food and booze -- will make you feel absolutely stellar! You'll wake up with your greasy face and hangover, ready to conquer the world.
10. The longer you remain an entrepreneur, the more friends you will lose.
By the time you're building that dream company, you probably won't have any of your original friends.
Just listen to your friends. Sure, they might seem negative, but when they tell you to slow down, that you're crazy, or that you need to relax, maybe you should listen to them.
Sometimes, they'll laugh at you for your dreams. Guess what? That scornful little laugh is a sign that they're going to leave you if you keep batting for the fences.
If you pull the plug on entrepreneurship, you might hang on to those negative friends.
11. You're only delaying the inevitable.
One day, your grand plans and glorious enterprise are going to go up in smoke.
Just you wait.
Are you ready to quit yet?
Don't say you haven't been warned. If you want to keep at it, you're facing a life of toil and hard work.
Is that how you want to spend your life?
For me, the answer is absolutely yes.
What about you?

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