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11 Tweet-Worthy Road Trip Tips

The Huffington Post logo The Huffington Post 22/03/2016 Vik Vek

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The great love of open roads ultimately leads most of us to pack our bags and start the ignition. As with everything in life you will have your own stories to tell soon enough, for sure, but making of those stories can either be fun or a whole lot of pain.
From my travels on the road and numerous mistakes made before, during, and even after those trips, I present to you some of my road-trip tips. (say it a few times now)
Before you wander off ... let me assure you that each of these tips is no longer than a tweet (140 characters max!)
#1. Go vintage with compass and paper maps or get that fancy GPS. Now if that GPS fails you paper map won't seem so vintage after all.
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#2. Rent a car or drive your own just make sure it's ready for those long roads. Oil and fluids, tires and brakes, it's not a long list you see.
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#3. If you are like most of us you will have company. Just make sure you like spending time together or.. carry a duct tape.
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#4. Decide what are must see and which ones would be nice add-ons. ..and then keep some flexibility for that spontaneous left turn ..or right.
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#5. Carry snacks, "not easily" perishable foods, water and your favorite juice. Even if you have space, please don't carry the entire kitchen.
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#6. Sun Glasses, Caps, Hats and that beach shirt you wear everywhere. Sun Lotion, First Aid, Torch and maybe a baseball bat. It's your choice.
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#7. Everything good in life should start with that good music (good is relative). iPad, iPod, iPhone or your dad's CDs or Grandpa's mixed tape.
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#8. So you didn't see that car stop, nap time over, now pull over. That Rest Stop is just for you and .. get some waste out of your system too.
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#9. Don't be a hero and aim for fame by driving all those miles on your own. Switch and enjoy the shotgun view or take a nap in that 3rd row.
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#10. Life's an adventure full of risks. That's why you will make that bungee jump, for now just fill up the gas before that needle hits 1/4th E.
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#11. When he told you about how he got traffic tickets both ways of his trip. You sympathized, but had some unspoken words too, don't be that guy.
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Well, I should add the last one and in essence, this is the one that really matters: "Have fun and make some memories"
I am sure you checked to see if I exceeded 140 characters limit for any of these tips. Didn't find any I bet... or did you?

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