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36ers coach Wright in race row with ref

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 4/02/2017 Steve Barrett

Adelaide 36ers coach Joey Wright has slammed the NBL referees' decision to eject him from Titanium Security Arena during Saturday's dramatic 88-87 loss to the New Zealand Breakers, while accusing NBL referee Brett Hogan of racial abuse.

Wright was thrown out after incurring back-to-back technical fouls in the second quarter after arguing, correctly, that a 24-second violation should have been called against the visitors.

He insisted he was only requesting the officials to consult with the score bench.

"All I was asking for is for them to have a look at it. That's it," Wright said.

"I went over to the score bench, who I thought were extremely aware that it was a violation.

"If that play continues, then I automatically cannot go back and get that possession.

"Just check it out - that's all they had to do, nothing else."

Wright believes Hogan, the man who called the second technical, should be barred from working future 36ers games because of a racist slur the referee made against him six years ago.

"He should not be allowed to do my games because of the rant he made against me six years ago, calling me a black motherf****r when I was coaching Gold Coast," Wright said.

Wright intends to raise his grievance with the NBL.

"I thought it was poor management by the referees," he said.

"I needed to stop them and get their attention before that ball is handed in.

"As soon as it's handed in, they cannot go back and say 'oh, there was a shot clock violation a couple of plays before, we'll take it back' so I have to get their attention.

"It's simple, I don't know what the attitude was about. It shouldn't have been that hard.

"When I asked 'why did I get a technical?' for asking them to check with the score bench, I get a second technical. It's just ridiculous."

Empathetic Breakers coach Paul Henare called on the league to clarify the acceptable coach-referee conversation boundaries.

"We've seen a couple of instances over the last couple of weeks and I think it's about time the NBL gives another message to the coaches and teams," said Henare, who lost forward Mika Vukona early in the fourth term, turfed out following a technical of his own.

"We can't have guys getting thrown out.

"There were definitely some borderline techs out there."

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