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4 Ways to Tell Your Fashion Brand Story

The Huffington Post logo The Huffington Post 23/03/2016 Dorit Sasson

If you're selling a tangible product like a clothing line, you have a definite advantage over other non-tangible products: You can appeal to your prospects sense of visual. The visual components of branding such as colors, images and icons are all part of appealing to your online persona. In this way, your online fashion brand can help tell your story.
Your fashion brand story isn't a "transactional story," that is, getting your customers or prospects to buy right away, but rather, a compelling way to build credibility. With so many fashion brands competing for online "real estate space," your fashion brand needs to stand out from all the other fashion brands. This is where your story comes in.
There are several ways to position your credibility. Here are four main ways to build this online branding:

Your "About" page on Your Website

Your "About" page establishes your "why." Why are you building that fashion line? Why are you drawn to building that fashion brand? Your "About" page is the only secure page that offers more than just a "boring bio." It builds that much needed "know-like-trust" factor many businesses, companies and entrepreneurs need to brand themselves.
Your Blog
Building a brand isn't just documenting your professional journey, but making a case for your brand. This is a great place to discuss case studies and stories that focus on your target market's needs and wants. By bringing in real anecdotes, you also explain how your company or business has solved problems. This solidifies your brand's image.
Let's say your customers want a more relaxed way of going to work but they don't have the budget to buy name brands. Your blog can focus on various designs and products that speak to their budget.
Use video of other people wearing your products
If you're not using video, you're not making the most of your fashion brand. Consider a sixty second "infomercial" featuring your story and post each installment weekly. You can also use some of your customers' stories. Make the experience emotionally captivating so others can connect with you.
Include photos that reinforce your online persona.
A personal clear attractive photo sets off "feel good" energies. How do you want your online persona to come across? What do you want your peeps to think when they see your clothing line? Do they want to feel comfort? Elegance at work? Femininity?
Your prospects want to feel connected before buying your product. Making that image a clickable link to any of your online fashion products makes the online shopping experience easier.
These are just some ways to tell your brand story. Of course, your website, logo, colors and design support your online person and brand image. The key is being able to manipulate these visual elements to help tell the right story that ignites the feelings in your customers and prospects.

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