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5 Lessons We Should Learn This Remembrance Day

The Huffington Post The Huffington Post 10/11/2015 Atif Rashid

The poppy - tough, resolute yet delicate flowers. They represent remembrance and hope in the wake of tragic wars which cost the lives of millions and still consume the world today.
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With most of the world embroiled in some sort of conflict or another today, the meaning of Remembrance Day is so ever much more significant this year. With lives being lost through war, conflict and bloodshed daily, it's poignant that despite remembering our fallen ones every year, fighting never seems to cease. More pertinent it is therefore, for us to continue to commemorate this day and never allow the memories of those fallen ones to fade away.
If there was one sign of a prosperous nation, it is that they never forget the sacrifices of their elders and the heroes before them. So as we commemorate this day once again, there are five lessons we individually and communally should never forget.
1. Two wrongs never make a right

Revenge isn't sweet, it's bitter. Forgiveness is sweet and while we may never be able to resolve all our disputes and differences, always retaliating and punishing those who may have wronged us will never lead to lasting peace or happiness. Forgiveness is a beautiful thing, it helps bring closure to distressed minds and evokes feeling of warmth and humanity. Is it any wonder why Jesus (peace be on him) emphasised it so much?
This is why while dictators in the Middle East may have committed wrongs and atrocities, attacking sovereign nations, demanding leaders to leave their posts and bombing innocents and hopitals is no less wrong - and it certainly doesn't make things right. It didn't in Iraq or Libya and it certainly won't in Syria. War begets war and needless, misdirected war is wrong. Retaliation in a measured justified approach is necessary at times but man always has a tendency to go overboard with his actions which is why we must always keep lesson no.2 in mind.
2. Despite our differences, we are all still in the same boat

All too often we forego this vital truth which can end all our resentments and disputes. We all have to live on this earth, eat, sleep and work. Our humanity transcends all other thoughts of race, religion, culture, nationality or outlook. We're all different but the same at our core. We have the very same basic needs, similar desires and we all seek to make better lives for ourselves and our future.
We're all going to the same place so we might as well help one another get there. It makes no sense to work against each other. By work alongside one another and being united we will be standing while divided we're bound to fall. All successful nations, companies and groups realise that despite differing views, varying outlooks and divergent opinions, they're still all working together for the same one goal.
It's time we bring this principle to the wider world and live our lives by it since the only way to change the world is to change ourselves.
3. Man forgets very quickly so reminding is essential
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In this age more than ever it seems, we are inundated with distractions everywhere we go. Just writing this I had to stave of distractions from people, my phone, the TV, other duties and what my mind thought was more important. We all know what we have to do, what's important and what steps we must take to succeed but somewhere along the way our fears, thoughts, errors and distractions get in the way. The secret to achievement therefore, is constant reminders, dogged persistence and clear vision.
On the international stage, it seems we've forgotten everything there was to remember. Not a century has passed since the greatest calamity (WW2) mankind has seen since its inception and we stand at the foot of another one. After our compulsory schooling, it's rare that we're ever reminded of the mistakes made in history and the blood shed in the name of things we hold dear. Poverty, disease or nature are not the primary causes of our suffering and distress. War and the shedding of blood has left more nations dismantled, children orphaned and lives ruined than almost any amount of disease, poverty or natural disaster could.
4. We must never lose hope

Amongst all the supposed doom and gloom however, we must also never forget to remember the countless times mankind has pulled through the most dire and difficult situations. No matter how bad it all gets, there is and always will be a way out. Always.
The greatest successes come amidst the fiercest trials and obstacles. No nation or person has ever achieved something without persevering and battling against the evil forces which seem to pin us down again and again. The greater the difficulty, the greater the victory. The end is certainly destined for those who continually strive for good.
Today, amidst the wars, suffering and distress, we have great charities working to alleviate the pains in humanity, we have individuals starting great initiatives and we have leaders in the world who inspire great hope. The forces of good and evil always have to battle yet it's inevitable for good to eventually triumph, however hard the battle may be or however long it takes. The final victory is and always has been for the peacemakers and the doers of good who never gave up hope.
5. What we do today, will affect what happens to everyone tomorrow

Our actions have far reaching effects which we don't necessarily always realise.
The lives which were sacrificed years ago still benefit us today. We're here because of the hard work and suffering which those before us underwent. Therefore, if we wish to continue to progress individually and communally, our hard work must continue. A wall is only built by placing bricks day by day and so every single day is vital to work toward a better, peace-filled, war-free world for generations to come. If we make the right decisions today, tomorrow can be brighter than ever before.
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Remembrance Day is a reminder and proof that the sacrifices which were given and are being given today, are the reason we still stand and many can continue to sleep soundly, safely at night. We must never forget that.

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