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5 Things That Might Happen If You Stop Wearing Heels

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A good pair of heels can make an outfit. Unfortunately, they also hurt like hell after ten minutes--and ten years. Here, a few interesting things that might happen if you give them up for good.
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Imagine if we told you to throw out all your Choos? God, no. Enjoy wearing those babies--in moderation. If an outfit looks just as good with a chic little flat, go for the flat. Then wait to bring out the stiletto big guns for special occasions (of course, keeping some spare slip-ons in the car for later).
2016-02-29-1456770054-6081831-chriselle_lim_list.jpg © Provided by The Huffington Post 2016-02-29-1456770054-6081831-chriselle_lim_list.jpg
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