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5 Ways to Connect With Inspiration in Business

The Huffington Post The Huffington Post 22/10/2015 Andi Wickman

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The journey of becoming an entrepreneur can be a long and lonely one. It is not always easy but I believe it is our responsibility to do the things that inspire us. And the entrepreneur journey begins with the fire of inspiration. We have all had it. That burning desire to create something. That longing to express something that is begging to come out of us. That craving for building something new.
But what happens when it doesn't come? What do we do when we search and search for inspiration and it doesn't show up for us? What do we do? As entrepreneurs inspiration is crucial to our survival.
I believe that in order to find inspiration, we must connect to our why. Simon Sinek writes "Leaders who are successful are the ones who keep true to the core of their why." At some level people are not always interested in what you do, they buy the why you do what you do. People are more attuned to buy into the why of your business. They don't always care about how you do it or what it is. They always care about the why behind it.
So how do we connect with our why? Here are a few ideas:
1.Write down three reasons why you started your business.
2.Read over the testimonials you received.
3.What do people typically ask you for help in?
4.What do you love teaching about?
5.If you were speaking to a large captivated audience filled with your ideal clients, what would you talk about?
Once we can figure out our why we can then move on to building, creating and tweaking the platform to make it happen.

Andi Wickman is a Business & Personal Development Coach for dreamers and action takers. She mentors women who believe they have the capacity for greatness. For those who believe this life is full of wonder and opportunity. For the ones who are ready to soar. Check out her new 30 day to business program here.

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