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8 Style Tips for Short Men

The Huffington Post The Huffington Post 15/10/2015 Jonathan Li

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The giants were staring at me... I felt short, I felt weak, I felt unprofessional.
Being a short guy sucked. I worried that people would look down on me.
I tried to wear platform shoes but I walked like a penguin (Ladies, wearing high heels DOES take talent.)
Luckily, founder of The Modest Man, Brock McGoff taught me how to dress like a successful leader so I could look taller and more stylish.
People now respect me and take me seriously.
Here are eight style tips for you to look cool and fashionable:
1. Fit comes first
Wearing baggy clothes make you look short and weak. Only wear clothes that fit your body. You'll look taller and stronger.
2. Being well-dressed makes you more confident
I was nervous that people would think I'm too young and wouldn't take me seriously. And I found out that my age wasn't the problem; the problem was my clothes. Wearing a white T-shirt, light blue jeans and Converse sneakers made me look like a college kid.
Being the most well-dressed person in the room makes you more confident. People will take you more seriously and see you as a professional.
3. Wear medium rise pants
Unless you're Jeremy Lin, low-rise pants make your legs look shorter. I bet you don't want to look like a Minion... or Hobbit.
Wear medium or even high rise pants so your body will look more well-balanced.
4. You can look smart... without a tie
Wearing tie is a torture... especially in summer. Got a casual networking events at the bar? Throw away your tie. Put on your dark tee, sports jacket and dark jeans. You'll look smart and feel comfortable.
5. Don't forget the shoes
Your clothes are how you present yourself: be professional. Wearing Adidas sports shoes makes you look boring and forgettable.
Wearing high-quality shoes makes you memorable. I have eight pairs of shoes from Dr. Martins, Clarks and Timberland. Choose your favorite brand and go for the best shoes.
6. Fill your pocket with squares
Have you seen Hollywood movie stars putting a handkerchief-like cloth on their jacket pocket? That's a pocket square.
Wearing a pocket square helps you stand out. Time to be a movie star, and deliver your message effectively and confidently.
7. Know your color tone
I'm not talking about skin color. I'm talking about what colors match you.
There are two color tones: warm and cool. To know your color tone, ask yourself:
Do you burn easily in the sun? If yes, your color tone is cool.
Do you look better in silver, comparing with gold? If yes, your color tone is cool (And yes, I like silver... it suits me well.)
By knowing your color tone, you can choose colors that match you. For example, cool color tone matches with blue and warm color tone matches with orange.
8. Quality, quality, quality
Wearing clothes are like making friends... quality matters more than quantity. It's better to have three great outfits than 30 bad outfits. Choose your clothes wisely.
Stick to these eight style tips so you'll look cool and fashionable.

STYLISH SUIT © Andrey Popov via Getty Images STYLISH SUIT

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