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A 7-Year Old's Take on the 2016 Presidential Election

The Huffington Post logo The Huffington Post 14/03/2016 Rumni Saha

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Out of sheer curiosity, I decided to investigate what my 7-year old son has absorbed in this bizarre, inescapable political climate. I posed a series of questions to him. The following were his responses, verbatim:
Mom: Tell me what you think about the Republican candidates.

I think they fight over who's the best and who's the worst. They only care about their own country and themselves.

Mom: How do you know this?
Because I stay up all night watching the debate and my mother can't stop me.

Mom: Why?
Because she falls asleep.

Mom: What do you think of Trump?
Well he doesn't even care about other countries. He won't welcome anyone in his country.

Mom: Why do you think that is important?
Because he may say others are strange because of their culture but they may think that our culture is weird. Like if I was an animal, like say, a groundhog, I would think humans are weird. He has so much money and he only wastes it for himself.

Mom: How?
Like he makes advertisements to try to prove for you to vote for him. He owns an island but does he use it?

Mom: But others are doing that too, I mean making advertisements.
He's like forcing everyone that everyone is bad and he's good. Also he has a cheeky wrinkled face.

Mom: How about Ted Cruz?
The good thing about him is that he doesn't swear but he does fight over who's best. Like all Republicans he insults all the candidates. He talks over people. And his nose is rather peculiar.

Mom: How about Marco Rubio?
He brags that he has the advantage over the candidates. After someone speeches and gets rewarded by the fans (like when people clap), he takes over and steals the crowd.
I think he spends too much time polishing his shoes. No seriously, have you seen how shiny his shoes are?

Mom: How about Kasich?
He's a good person but the fact that he wants to make a wall is not very good. He doesn't insult others like the Republicans. He acts like a Democrat except the part about the wall. The only thing is that he always stares.

Mom: Let's talk about the dropouts now. How about Ben Carson?
He is not very excited -- you know what I mean?

Mom: No, I don't.
His voice is very soft.

Mom: What's wrong with that?
It's very hard to hear him.

Mom: How about Jeb Bush? Do you even remember him?
Yes of course. I think he's a very good man but sometimes he can brag.

Mom: Like what?
That he's the best. I think he's very competitive even though he is out. He sucks up too much air when he talks, like this.

(A demonstration follows).
Mom: Oh my God!!
Mom: How about Chris Christie?
He is very demanding. He is up with Trump, demanding everyone that he's the best. So I would say that he's not good at all. Also his lips hang down.

Mom: What about Rand Paul?
Oh I remember! He has lots of hope.

Mom: Did you like him?
Yes. Compared to the other Republicans he doesn't insult. He focuses a lot on his orange hair.

Mom: How about Carly Fiorina?
I forget her completely. Show me her picture. Actually, I remember she's very feisty for a girl.

Mom: Tell me what you think about the Democrats.
Not much fighting going on with their language. So like they are not fighting over who's better who's not. They are worthy opponents.

Mom: How about Bernie Sanders?
He is a very wise grandpa. I mean elderly man. Have you noticed that his face falls down when he talks? And the red droops down from the sides of his eyes, like this when he gets excited.

(Another demonstration follows).
Mom: How about Hillary Clinton?
She has a circle face. She wears long coats too much. She is very confident and has lots of courage.

Mom: Who's better though -- Hillary or Bernie?
I would say Bernie. He's dedicating his life to America.

Mom: Why -- isn't Hillary doing the same thing too?
She is more confident than dedicated.

Mom: Do you really like politics?
For a 7-year-old I think I LOVE politics.

Mom: Why do you like Politics?
It's very interesting. You don't know who's going to win and who's not going to win. You just have to hope for who you are supporting. And I like to stay up.

Mom: Of all the people you know who do you think would make a really good president?
Maybe Ann Sullivan even though she is not alive.

Mom: Why?
Because she has a lot more courage than anyone running right now.

Mom: If there is one thing you could say to the Republicans what would it be?
Burn baby burn!

Mom: How about to the Democrats?
Get Trump educated.

Mom: Any final advice for America?
For Democrats, you should go with Grandpa Bernie and for Republicans, go with Staring Kasich.

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