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A Lesson From Kanye West on How NOT to Sell

The Huffington Post logo The Huffington Post 19/02/2016 Apryl Beverly
KANYE WEST © shutterstock KANYE WEST

First off, let me start by saying that I truly respect Kanye's creativity and success as an artist. But his latest plea to persuade gazillionaire Mark Zuckerberg to slide $1 billion his way was a complete fail.
If you've been chilling out under a rock, you may not have heard that after tweeting Saturday, Feb. 13 that he was $53 million in debt, Kanye West begged Mark Zuckerberg for $1 billion to invest in his art.
Now knowing a little bit about the backstory of craziness that rocked Twitter, let me break down where Kanye West went terribly wrong:
1. He attempted to turn his Twitter fingers into deal fingers.
Sorry, Kanye. Twitter just ain't the place to handle billion-dollar deals. I know social media is hot right now and you were calling out to Mark Zuckerberg who just so happens to be a social media genius.
BUT, dude, couldn't you have at least met him on Facebook where he eats? Seriously, what you did was like inviting the owner of GM to the BMW dealership to close a deal. Now that's just crazy as hell.
By the way, Mark Zuckerberg dissed Kanye (just a little) by liking a post by Steven Grimm that has since been deleted talking about how Kanye picked the wrong "sandbox" to play in.
2. He went right in for the "kiss" before dinner.
Everybody knows relationship building is sales 101. Kanye, you skipped that part. Now, I certainly respect the "gangsta" move to ask the question, but when you're looking for that kinda money, it's like an indecent proposal to not even offer to take him out to dinner first.
3. He forgot to sell the sizzle.
Every businessperson has heard the saying, "sell the sizzle, not the steak." Kanye, love - you broke the rules by trying to sell the steak. Sure you're a genius and a great artist, but what's the benefit to Mark Z. to hand over $1 billion to you?
You talked all about yourself and never gave Mark Z. any of the real tasty benefits for him to chew on. Bad move. As a copywriter, I could've put that fiyah on your tweets and had Mark Zuckerberg asking what time you wanted him to drop off the money.
4. He stretched the truth.
We all know business folks streeee-eeetch the truth, right? But what they shouldn't do is post lies on social media for the world to see. Kanye is a confident dude. But to call himself "the greatest living artist and greatest artist of all time" is just insane. Ludicrous. Crazy. Psycho. All lies!
I always say confidence sells, but in this case, too much confidence killed that deal before it even got started.
Ok, so that's my breakdown on where Kanye went terribly wrong. Now, I would be a fool to not mention that this dude is a marketing and promotions genius.
The mere fact that I'm writing this article about his crazy ass and the fact that his face is plastered all over newspapers and televisions around the world tells us this ...
While Kanye may not get Mark Zuckerberg to dig deep into his pockets, he has certainly started a buzz for something that could be even bigger. Kanye West reality TV show, anyone?Apryl Beverly, "The Word B.O.S.S.," is a six-figure, award-winning copywriter who slings million-dollar smack-the-buy-button sentences for solo entrepreneurs, small business owners, CEOs and marketing executives of big profitable brands. Known for her educated, "tell-it-like-it-is" writing voice, Apryl has broken just about every grammar rule she ever learned and survived the wrath of her English teachers. Grab your copy of her wildly popular, FREE "Write Like a B.O.S.S." guide today and be the first to hear when her brand new book hits the streets.

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