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A Message to Donald Trump's Supporters

The Huffington Post logo The Huffington Post 28/03/2016 Paul Kraly

It's been a while since I had anything much to say, but I read the Huff every day and get my daily dose of political news, opinions, and insight. I may not agree with everything I read, but I'm glad for the fact that someone took the time to write what they had to say, and was able to share it. They expressed a viewpoint, no matter how absurd or extreme, and brought it to the attention of millions around the world.
Of course, such is the power of the internet. We are deeply-rooted now in the Social Age. When people look back on the 1960s through the late 1980s, when we ushered in the personal computer, the cellphone, and the satellite, there is probably no doubt in their minds that information is now, more than ever in the history of the world, power.
Depending on the way you wield it, you can have a very adverse effect on the whole world.
So, I'd like to ask a few million people, who feel so strongly positive about the idea of President Donald J. Trump, a question, if I may - seeing as how I'd probably never get a face-to-face, sit-down discussion with any of you, mostly due to my complete disgust.
Why are you so angry?
I think this question deserves an answer. If there is some personal reason you're upset that has nothing to do with politics at all, I would advise seeking some psychological therapy or joining a yoga class. If you're constantly angry for no real reason at all, prescription pills might be advisable, or maybe you should cut back on the smoking and/or drinking.
I'll ask again, why are you so angry?
Take a few moments before you answer, please, because there are several answers you can give. You might be angry because you can't find a job, and are always strapped for cash. Your unemployment benefits probably don't help much, and you're angry that people in places like India seem to have better lives than you, because they have the jobs you're meant to have.
Tell me something. Have you ever been to India? How can you possibly believe that your life is worse off than someone else's thousands of miles away? How would you like earning four dollars a day, working 10 or 12-hour shifts?
Not so nice, is it? Do you think jobs like that would ever fly here in the United States? Of course not, because we have a minimum wage program, first adopted by King Edward III in England, and eventually brought into law here in the United States in 1938 by Franklin D. Roosevelt, considered by many to be the greatest president since Washington that ever lived.
But a lot of you seem to be angry that some Indian man or woman took your job worth thousands of dollars a month, and is now struggling to make ends meet on four dollars a day, and you can't be bothered to go out and find another job.
So, again, why are you so angry?
Are you upset that immigrants illegally staying in this country seem to want only to kill and destroy Americans? That's what a Donald Trump ad might have you believe. Jamiel Shaw, a father in South Carolina, supported Trump in an ad about his son, 17-year-old Jas Shaw, who was gunned down by a gang member named Pedro Espinoza, an illegal immigrant from Mexico. Because of this heinous act, they now believed that all illegal immigrants have the desire to join gangs and kill innocent children.

And yet, Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old child who was gunned down by two police officers - both American citizens and not illegal immigrants - for playing with an air-gun and trying to show it to them, have never been brought to trial. Have we heard a word from Mr. Trump about this?
By the way, Pedro Espinoza was caught, tried in a court of law, found guilty of murder, and sentenced to death. Mr. Shaw apparently left out the fact that his son's killer will soon be dead as well. So he's paying the ultimate price for murdering his son, which is what should happen to people who perpetrate heinous acts.
The National Gang Center, in its survey of the factors that influence gang-related crimes, reported that the migration of gangs from other countries outside the United States is the smallest of factors, and in fact has dropped significantly since 2011, thanks in no small part to tighter regulations and enforcement at the borders. It also should be noted that the bulk of gang-related murders are probably perpetrated by pure, home-grown United States citizens. The FBI reports over 33,000 street gangs consisting of 1.4 million people are at work here in the United States.
Here's a thought. Perhaps instead of blaming nearly 11 million people whose only real crime is never registering to be a citizen, maybe we should be coming down a little harder on gang activity...?
If Pedro hadn't gunned down Jamiel Shaw's son, and another gang member had, wouldn't Jamiel logically still be angry with the killer, whoever it was?
Which begs the question: What if Pedro had been Jewish or Rom? Or Muslim?
Oh right, let's talk about Muslims a moment.
Are you angry because it seems like every Muslim in the world is out to become a suicide-bomber? That's what Trump wants you to believe. In fact, he's all in favor of forcing Muslims to register, taking down their mosques, and even going so far as to track their every move. Worse, he wants to keep Muslims from even coming into the United States altogether. This is, without question, unconstitutional to the hilt.
And yet, you seem okay with this violation of religious freedom, one of our basic rights as American citizens.
How about if we took rights away from the Christians? The Catholics? How about the Southern Baptists?
Did you know Timothy McVeigh, one of the perpetrators of the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, was raised Catholic? Or that Jim Jones, who led nearly a thousand people to death in Guyana in 1978, was Christian?
Donald Trump seems to think terrorism is based solely on religion, and that is a very stupid, clueless attitude to have.
Terrorism has and will always be based on one thing:
People. Not religion.
One of many things Trump just doesn't understand.
So, again, why are you so angry?
Are you angry because the rich and powerful seem to be in control of this country? Do you not realize that is exactly the kind of man you are supporting right now? Someone, from the time he was barely out of his 20s, has wanted only to get out from under the shadow of his sadistic, KKK-supporting father, and make a name for himself.
Not for others.
He once owned a minor-league football team, then challenged the mighty National Football League, and quit when he didn't get his way. He once owned a massive real estate chain in Manhattan, aimed to takeover the Plaza Hotel, but lost it when he didn't get his own way, in nearly a billion dollars of debt.
Don't you see it? He is mad for power and prestige. And if you put him into the highest seat in the land, all you're going to do is make him richer - while you remain poor.
And for some reason, you're okay with this.
Are you angry because the United States now enjoys a very low unemployment rate and recently had the lowest jobless claims in over forty years? Are you angry because the housing market, completely destroyed by the ultra-rich, has flourished once again? Are you angry because millions of people around the nation now have quality, affordable healthcare? That our country's economy has rebounded with the force of a hurricane, and the Federal banks look poised to raise the interest rate soon?
Or...are you angry because a black man was able to make all this happen...?
I need to stop writing now, because I'm starting to feel angry.
I'm angry at all of you, not just for clinging to these childish, trivial matters, but because you are trying to put a great big, rich child into the Oval Office, whereupon you will utterly destroy the Republican Party, the very same party you say you support.
I'm angry because you simply don't understand the irreparable harm you are trying to do to our country, to our personal lives.
You are going to hurt millions of people.
And you seem to be okay with this.

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