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A predator free NZ?

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 25/07/2016


* "While we rank among the best in the world on almost all environmental indicators, where we can improve is on biodiversity - by giving our native wildlife better protection" - Prime Minister John Key

* "Now is the time for a concerted long-term nationwide effort to rid ourselves of the introduced rats, stoats and possums that have placed so much of our natural heritage in jeopardy" - Conservation Minister Maggie Barry

* "A predator-free New Zealand is a great goal, but the challenge will be in the government walking the talk and truly committing to this work" - Green Party conservation spokesman Kevin Hague

* "There were five government ministers for today's announcement. I don't think I've ever seen five ministers for a conservation event ever, which reflects the government support" - Environmental Defence Society executive director Gary Taylor

* "If we can lift the scale of predator control to regional landscapes, including communities where people live, which has not been done before, we can win the war" - Predator Free NZ Trust chairman Sir Rob Fenwick

* "The prime minister is absolutely on the right track, predator extermination is an important goal, it will take a very long term commitment, and that will require taxpayer funding distributed to private partners through an agency at arms-length from the government of the day" - ACT leader David Seymour.

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