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Abscess, ear infections top pet illnesses

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 1/02/2017

While cats are making the most of their nine lives, and dogs are living up to their reputations of eating anything and everything, the top two insurance claims for pets aren't so exciting.

Southern Cross Pet Insurance has released its top recent claims, with cat bite abscesses taking out top place for our feline friends, and otitis, or ear infections, for our canine companions.

More than 16,000 pets are insured with Southern Cross and last year $4.57 million was paid out from 13,500 claims.

The most expensive claim was for a dog's tumour, costing $9975, followed by an abscess and pancreatitis.

The most expensive claim for cats was a fracture, costing $6345.

"As an owner, you owe it to your pet to provide them with medical care when they need it," said company head Anthony McPhail.

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