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Aleppo's Pediatrician

ICE Graveyard 3/05/2016 Rim Taleb

Few words that I've written
On behalf of Aleppo's pediatrician:
I was there on the floor,
Always ready to serve
Whoever knocks the door
Because they do deserve.
I treated all babies
In every single room,
I offered the best therapies
For their spring to bloom.
Saving lives of all
Was my forever mission.
I even stayed on call
With the resource depletion!
I've been doing my best
To salvage the community,
In the part that was left
From my bleeding city.
I worked night and day
To give medical care,
Trying to find a way
To regain my town's glare.
The sun was very shy,
And so was the moon
How cloudy was the sky
Morning and afternoon!
A strike destroyed the place
Where people come to heal,
Where sickness we efface
So that you better feel!
They stole the air,
They killed the souls,
They spread the despair,
They broke the rules.
I was supposed to rush
Joining the helping team,
But I had a big crush
Sadly I missed the stream!
Was it a delusion?
No, I passed away.
Just a conclusion:
Justice will win one day!
Now that I rest
I shout out for all:
Do your best,
Always recall:
Our kids don't have balloons,
They are murdered by dragons!
And our doctors are being killed
By assassins who are skilled!
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(Photo from BBC news)

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