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Aliveness, Purpose and Potency

The Huffington Post The Huffington Post 20/10/2015 Success 3.0
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To ensure a successful future for our species and our planet, the evolution of consciousness is the most critical imperative of our time.
The evolution of consciousness is, in reality, nothing less than enlightenment itself. What is enlightenment? Let's start with what it's not: Enlightenment is not spiritual perfection. It is not a constant state of meditative bliss which is indifferent to the world. Enlightenment is no longer just for exceptional individuals who join ashrams or spend decades meditating on mountaintops. The old paradigm of top-down leadership, the sage on the stage, and command and control, expressed itself in the spiritual world with the assumption that enlightenment was reserved only for an elite few. It is time to democratize enlightenment -- to bring this sacred human imperative down from the mountains to the masses.
What enlightenment does mean, in a post-postmodern context, is the realization that we are -- at our core -- inseparable from All-That-Is. Enlightenment means we are holding a world-centric and even cosmo-centric consciousness from which we experience both compassion for, and identity with, the larger world. This is how we free up the enlightened creativity of the entrepreneurial spirit.
It is only such an enlightened entrepreneurial creativity that will infuse our lives with aliveness, purpose and potency. It is only such aliveness, potency and purpose that will unleash the level of innovation necessary to survive and thrive at this pivotal juncture in history.
This is why enlightenment is, in fact, fundamental to our new narrative of success. It is the body/mind/heart technology that is absolutely essential if we are to transcend the contractions of individual and national ego that are the source of so much suffering. Only an enlightened community of nations can take this planet to the next critical step.
Success can no longer be limited to the individual level. It's no longer merely a question of "How can I be I successful?" but rather "How can We be successful?" There is no longer an awake individual who stands alone or separate from the larger context of family, community, tribe or country. Success is only possible in the largest evolutionary context -- inclusive of the entire global enterprise of human consciousness and culture. A new vision of success must address the challenges of our time in such a way that every one of us can survive, thrive and prosper.
The purpose of Success 3.0 is two-fold. First, to make explicit the limiting vision of success that currently drives our lives and dreams both as individuals and as a larger global community. Second, to articulate a more compelling, courageous and comprehensive vision of success.
This new vision of success reflects the deepest knowledge we have today -- drawing from all the different strands of Integral wisdom: pre-modern, modern and post-modern. In our 3.0 schema, as articulated by John Mackey, zero is pre-modern or traditional wisdom, 1.0 is modern wisdom, and 2.0 is postmodern wisdom. Our goal is to map a new Integral vision -- Success 3.0.
At the core of this new vision of success is to live your Unique Self. Your Unique Self is the song only you can sing, the poem only you can write. Your Unique Self is your irreducibly unique way of loving, laughing, being and becoming that is yours and yours alone. The realization of your Unique Self informs you that the singular constellation of sacred evolutionary synchronicities that formed you have never occurred before, and will never occur again.
To successfully live your Unique Self you need to Wake Up, Grow Up and Show Up. Success 3.0 offers a new operating system to do just this. It is the critical calling of our time.
To be continued with more about Wake Up, Grow Up and Show Up!

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