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An Australian rapper ordered a lavish meal — then jumped in the ocean to avoid paying

The Washington Post logo The Washington Post 11/04/2017 Cleve R. Wootson Jr.

Video still of Terry Peck. © Inside Edition Video still of Terry Peck.

Terry Peck, an aspiring Australian rapper who goes by the name 2Pec, sat down at the Omeros Bros seafood restaurant last week along Australia's eastern coast and started ordering a feast fit for a big-name recording artist:

Two whole lobsters at $195 a piece, six oysters, four Corona beers, a baby octopus. To wash it all down, he ordered 21 oyster shooters, Vodka-based drinks that resemble a Bloody Mary.

The bill for the seafood feast for one was a whopping $621 in Australian dollars, according to But when it was due, Peck, who happens to not be a big-name recording artist, decided it was time to burn all those calories off.

He jumped from his seat and sprinted out of the oceanside restaurant and across the beach. Restaurant employees chased after him, police said.

With nowhere to go — and ignoring conventional wisdom to not swim after eating — he dived into the Pacific Ocean.

By then, someone had called the police, who tried to talk Peck into coming back to shore. He avoided them by intermittently ducking his head beneath the waves.

The officers were undeterred. They got lifeguards to tow them out to where Peck was bobbing and took him into custody. A YouTube video showed them hauling Peck back to shore.

He was charged with one count of stealing and two counts of serious assault of a police officer.

The story spread, and photos circulated on social media showing the aspiring rapper in drier days: wearing a chain around his neck and headphones and sunglasses atop a leather hat.

Suddenly famous, reporters mobbed him before his court hearing on Monday morning.

Peck told reporters that he was disappointed with the food at Omeros Bros and wouldn't go back. It was overpriced, he said, and “the lobster was a bit overcooked,” according to the Australian Broadcasting Corp. (That last statement rankled Robert Rank, the restaurant's manager, who told the news organization, “It wouldn't have been overcooked. I'm pretty confident of that.”)

Peck also gave a reason for his sudden dash from the restaurant, according to ABC: A friend was giving birth on the beach and he had to go help her. He was arrested before finding her, he said.

His attorney, Halley Robertson, gave the judge a different reason for his client's bizarre behaviour: alcohol abuse.

The judge expressed surprise that Peck ate that much food by himself but released him pending trial under orders to not return to Omeros Bros.

Peck's rap career had been much maligned on social media, but listening to his discography might have provided some clues to his alleged crimes.

He'd posted 44 songs on ReverbNation. (There's strong language and topics some may find offensive.)

One song, “Dont stop loven me,” alludes to stealing from a loved one:

“If your diamond ring goes missing, forgive me / It's just the thug inside. It's just the thug inside.”

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