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Another hydrothermal eruption at Rotorua

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 30/11/2016

Another hydrothermal eruption has occurred at Lake Rotorua, but much smaller than the big one on Monday.

GeoNet duty volcanologist Tony Hurst says the eruption that happened just before 3pm on Wednesday lasted a couple of minutes and reached a height of about two metres.

That compared with the 20 to 30-metre geyser reported during the eruption at 4am on Monday.

The new activity was also closer to the shore at Ohinemutu.

Mr Hurst says there has been no trace of either eruption.

"People have gone out and looked to see if they can see anything," he said.

"Probably there's a hole in the lake underwater but no one can see it."

Mr Hurst said it would be normal get more activity of a similar, lower level.

He said the eruptions were unlikely to be connected with the November 14 Kaikoura earthquake, but that couldn't be ruled out.

"When you get a big shake like Rotorua got from Kaikoura, you can get disturbance of hydrothermal areas," he said.

"Usually you see it immediately, so it's not very likely, but we certainly can't rule it out."

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