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Another security breach at Queen's home

Press AssociationPress Association 19/05/2016

41-year-old man is arrested in the grounds after scaling an outer perimeter wall at Buckingham Palace.

* November 2015 - Activists climbed on the roof of Buckingham Palace in a protest over fathers' rights. Martin Matthews, 48, and Bobby Smith, 33, used a ladder to breach security after another campaigner caused distraction outside the palace.

* September 2013 - A man scaled a fence and was found in a room that had been open to the public during the day. Another man was arrested outside the palace. Less than 48 hours after the incident, two police officers confronted the Duke of York in the palace gardens demanding to know who he was.

* 2013 - A man with a 6in kitchen knife was rugby-tackled to the ground by police outside the palace after he jumped over a vehicle barrier in an attempt to see the Queen. David Belmar admitted trespass and possession of a bladed article. The court heard that he wanted to see the Queen because he was unhappy with his benefits.

* 2012 - Four climate change activists were arrested for scaling the palace gates and chaining themselves to the railings.

* November 2003 - Daily Mirror journalist Ryan Parry sparked a major alert when he managed to become a footman using false references and infiltrated the workings of the Queen's London home. Parry claimed he was given the chance to get close enough to the Queen to have poisoned her and said no rigorous checks were made into his background.

* 1995 - Student John Gillard rammed the palace gates in his car at 80km/h, tearing one off its hinges.

* 1994 - A naked paraglider landed on the roof of Buckingham Palace. American James Miller was fined STG200 and deported.

* July 1992 - Kevin McMahon, 25, was arrested inside the grounds for the second time in a week. During his first sortie, he forced a helicopter carrying the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh to divert as he roamed the grounds.

* 1982 - Michael Fagan, 31, evaded guards to get inside the Queen's private chambers while she was still in bed in 1982. The unemployed father of four, 31, spent around 10 minutes talking to the Queen after he climbed over the palace walls and up a drainpipe. The Queen managed to raise the alarm when Fagan asked for a cigarette, allowing her to call for a footman who held him until police arrived.

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