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Ant Man Director Peyton Reed Discusses His Knowledge of Super Heroes and Which Ones He'd Like To Direct Next

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These questions originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights.Answers by Peyton Reed, Director of Ant-Man, on Quora.Did you read the comics in preparing for the movie? In directing a comics-based movie is it important to know the comic universe and characters well?

I think it is important to know the comic universe, even if you plan to deviate from it.
I was a kid who grew up reading those comics. I really came into it with a lot of knowledge of those characters. But I definitely reread a lot of them when we were prepping because there was some iconic imagery that I wanted to try and cram into the movie.
What attracted you to the idea of making an Ant-Man movie?

I had wanted to direct a Marvel superhero movie for a really long time. So when the opportunity came up, I was really primed for it.
Particularly with Ant-Man, I liked the idea that he was a lesser known character to the general public. I feel like it gave us a little bit of freedom to create the movie version of Ant-Man.
I was super excited to work with Paul Rudd, because I feel like Paul can do anything comedic or dramatically. I loved the idea of being able to direct a move that presented him as an action hero for the first time.
Which other Marvel characters would you like to direct?

Well it's no secret that years ago I spent time developing Fantastic Four, so I suppose I have a secret desire to be able to present Fantastic Four. But there are so many great Marvel characters. I grew up reading those comics. I'm really excited that they are making Captain Marvel, and I'm really excited about Black Panther.

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