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Appeal dismissed for Timaru police biter

NZ NewswireNZ Newswire 30/05/2016

A Timaru man who was sentenced to nearly two years jail for headbutting and biting a police officer has had his appeal for home detention dismissed.

Michael Scoles-Young was arrested by officers for deflating a tyre on a police car, and during the trip to the station, he headbutted a constable and then leant over and bit his thigh.

He sunk his teeth so deep that they went through the officer's trousers and broke the flesh and he needed to be hospitalised.

Scoles-Young had been previously convicted of seriously injuring someone through biting.

While the initial judge had refused to give a definite indication whether home detention was available, Scoles-Young accepted the sentence indication and pleaded guilty.

He was sentenced to one year and 10 months' imprisonment.

Scoles-Young appealed that the previous judge had indicated that home detention was possible upon favourable court reports and he should have received that punishment.

Justice Cameron Mander dismissed the appeal last week, saying it was clear the judge was unwilling to formally indicate home detention would be substituted for jail time.

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