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Apple products lead the way

Press AssociationPress Association 31/03/2016


* Apple I (1976) - first product was little more than a circuit board

* Apple II (1977) - complete with keyboard and screen, Apple II arguably first example of a modern personal computer, with everything housed in one place

* Apple Lisa (1983) - first Apple computer to offer graphical user interface comprising of windows and icons that would become universal standard for every device that followed

* Macintosh (1984) - the computer designed to bring technology to the masses for the first time; began a range that is still in existence today

* Newton MessagePad (1993) - still stands as the best example of getting it wrong, the Newton was Apple's first attempt at a personal digital assistant; software was infamously unreliable and the Newton was discontinued in 1998

* iMac (1998) - A watershed moment because it announced Jobs' return to Apple, as well as the beginning of Jony Ive's design influence and bold colours, new for the computer industry

* iPod (2001) - Apple switched to music, taking on Sony's Walkman and other portable music players by launching the iPod, which could hold up to 1000 songs, substantially more than rival devices

* iPhone (2007) - The device that helped make Apple the most valuable company in the world combined a phone, the internet and a music player; essentially created modern smartphone market - more than 700 million have now been sold

* iPad (2010) - The tablet market already existed when the iPad was announced, but it was the iPad that made it relevant to everyday consumers; though the market is shrinking, Apple still leads it

* Apple Watch (2015) - Smartwatches are still to catch on the way smartphones and tablets have, but the Apple Watch looks the most likely to make that happen

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