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At Least 95 arrested at Post-Inauguration Trump Protests

Variety logo Variety 20/01/2017 Cynthia Littleton
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Nearly 100 people have been arrested in Washington, D.C., so far, hours after Donald Trump was sworn into office on Friday, according to CNN. Following the inauguration, violent protests broke out as protesters smashed windows, and set trash cans and a limousine on fire.

Washington has turned into a microcosm of the country’s many divisions, with people who have opposing viewpoints yelling at each other on street corners. The crowds gathered around K Street demonstrate the depth of the work Trump faces in uniting the country.

If violence flares again in Washington’s streets, Trump’s administration may well face the first test of its law-and-order campaign promises on the first day of his presidency.

The K Street locus of the protest turned chaotic again around 4 p.m. ET. A parked limo that had its windows smashed earlier was set on fire, creating a huge fireball. A municipal trash can was then dragged into the middle of the street and set ablaze. A fire truck quickly doused the flames of the limo, but police decided to move the crowd out of the street next to Franklin Square. Flash grenades went off prompting a mini stampede on K Street between 12th and 14th. More police amassed at the corner of K and 14th, but the dispersement effort stopped there.

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To make things more combustible, young Trump supporters began flowing into the edges of the scene. Both sides engaged in taunts. At one point chants of “Not my president” competed with “Trump, Trump, Trump.”

Meanwhile plenty of inauguration-goers threaded through the crowds on their way to hotels and restaurants, making for bizarre contrasts at times.

Protestors seemed to be loosely organized. Pro-socialism groups were on hand, along with Code Pink activists and the anti-globalization groups that attend marches with bandannas over their faces.

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