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Athletes and Sportsmen -- What Do They Do After They Retire to Earn a Living?

The Huffington Post logo The Huffington Post 5/04/2016 Sam Cohen

If you're aware of the ideal world, you would know that Olympic athletes are not too fortunate to get even a cent for appearing in the Olympics. They need to fund their own way by paying from their own pockets and live within their means. Not only athletes who participate in the Olympics, there are also other sportsmen who don't earn a huge amount when they're actively involved in sports. However, nowadays, the sportspeople earn a massive amount of money and hence they don't need to worry about earning a living after they retire from sports. Nevertheless, the concerns of this article will deal with some sportsmen or athlete who have earned a lot after retirement. Check out how.
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George Foreman is 65 now and he is an example and an inspiration for people who think that athletes don't require money to survive after retirement. While there are many ballers who are well-known and infamous for spending away oodles of money on booze, girls and drugs, George is now famous for his indoor grills and he is going shoulder-to-shoulder with Muhammad Ali in the Rumble in the Jungle. They are the people who made it right even after they retired and perhaps that is the reason behind they being remembered throughout their lives.
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Lenny Dykstra had his career earning of $36.5 million and his net worth was reportedly $58 million when he played baseball. Majority of us saw his matches on Kenny in 2009 and we used to take all that stuff. In those days he was worth $50 million or even better than that and he also owned a number of car wash joints. You must be wondering what he does these days? Well, in 2012 he spent more than six months in prison due to some serious bankruptcy fraud that he committed. All this stemmed when he bought Gretzky's old mansion for nearly $20million and for that he took out a loan amount which he couldn't afford on his own. He lost the case too but his net worth now is $-25 million. 2016-04-04-1459785832-8166307-JimBrown.jpg © Provided by The Huffington Post 2016-04-04-1459785832-8166307-JimBrown.jpg
Jim Brown was a footballer who earned around $400,000 and his net worth now is around $50 million. If you have been a fan of football, you must be aware of the fact that he was one of the greatest football player and he hung up in order to pursue acting. When he retired from football, he was perhaps the highest paid player who earned a reportedly $60,000 a year. He then became the first star who appeared in The Dirty Dozen. He even wrote a number of books on equality. Hence, he now owns a huge property even after he retired.
There are some other sportspersons like some soccer players who join poker clubs or become their brand ambassador so that they can endorse their brands and bring them revenue. In a nutshell, sportspersons will never have to worry about earning a living as they also have some way or the other to do it.

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