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Auckland risks teacher and police shortage

NZ NewswireNZ Newswire 19/07/2016

Auckland could face a shortage of teachers, nurses and police officers because of high house prices, a new survey shows.

The Greens have crunched the numbers and say the city is becoming "completely unaffordable" for the people who make communities function.

"National's years of inaction on the housing crisis means we've got more and more people living in Auckland but fewer people who can afford to look after our healthcare, keep them safe and teach their kids," co-leader James Shaw said on Tuesday.

"When the median Auckland house price is almost 15 times the annual income of nurses and police officers, who can blame them for wanting to live somewhere else?"

The Greens put together data from Careers NZ and REINZ, and came up with these salary midpoint figures and house price to income ratios:

* Primary teacher $59,000 - ratio 13.9

* Secondary teacher $60,000 - ratio 13.7

* Nurse $55,500 - ratio 14.8

* Paramedic $65,000 - ratio 12.6

* Police officer $55,500 - ratio 14.8.

Houses are generally considered to be affordable when the income to price ratio is between three and five.

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