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Auckland teacher had sex with student

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 19/12/2016

An Auckland high school teacher has been censured and deregistered after having sex with a female student.

The Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal received complaints about Kiri Jasmine Kay's serious misconduct in regards to an inappropriate relationship with a student while working at Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate in Otara.

The 17-year-old student, identified as 'student A', and Kay began a sexual relationship in late 2015, according to an agreed summary of facts.

The pair had sex, and Kay had the student watch her have sex with her partner, and then let her partner have sex with the student.

Kay told the student she planned to leave teaching so they could be together.

Kay was said to call the student and cry whenever the student would try and call off the relationship.

The student confided in another teacher in March 2016 and the principal of the school was notified.

On two other occasions she allowed students at the school to drink when underage, once when three were on a school trip.

The student's grandfather, who spoke on behalf of the student, said she wanted Kay's name suppression intact, not for her own anonymity but because the pair were likely still in a relationship.

The tribunal turned down her bid for name suppression.

Kay has also been ordered to pay costs.

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