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Aust, NZ women win Darwin hockey openers

NZN 31/05/2016

Australia have beaten Japan 3-1 in their opening match at the women's International Hockey Open in Darwin, with New Zealand accounting for India 4-1.

The Hockeyroos on Tuesday fought to get the first chance at a penalty corner, with a scramble for the ball resulting in a second penalty corner attempt.

After a top-class injection from Kathryn Slattery, Jodie Kenny scored the first goal from an impressive deflection.

Kaitlin Nobbs came on five minutes into the first quarter in her debut for the Hockeyroos.

Gabby Nance helped to extend the lead for the Hockeyroos, running the ball along the back line to make a pass to Kellie White who scored a field goal.

Japan came back to score in the second quarter with a field goal from Kawamura Motomi, making it 2-1 at halftime.

In the third quarter, Georgia Nanscawen scored a penalty corner from a deflection, following another fast injection from Slattery.

Hockeyroos coach Adam Commens said he thought it was a really good performance.

"In particular, the first two quarters I thought were outstanding.

"The second half, we tried a number of different things we've been working on and there were some parts of the game that I wasn't overly pleased about, but I think we can learn from that and improve in the next match," Commens said.

The Hockeyroos play New Zealand on Wednesday evening in their second match.

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