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Awkward moment Donald Trump tries to kiss girl at Republican rally and she's not having ANY of it

Mirror logo Mirror 18/10/2016 Steve Robson

This is the excruciatingly awkward moment Donald Trump tried to kiss a little girl at a rally.

The Republican nominee - fighting a string of allegations he sexually assaulted women - was trying to pick up momentum with a speech in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

While on stage he noticed a girl in the crowd whom he repeatedly said was "beautiful".

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In an attempt to warm hearts, he invited her up onto the stage, where he picked her up and she said "hi" into the microphone.

But when Trump tried to kiss the girl as he put her back down, she squirmed and turned away.

During his speech, Trump accused his opponent Hillary Clinton of spreading "lies" about his alleged sexual misconduct.

He also claimed the November 8 election will be "rigged".

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"So many cities are corrupt and voter fraud is very, very common," Trump said.

The former Apprentice star referred to research from 2012 that called for updates to the voter registration system because about 24 million registrations were inaccurate.

He also referred to a 2014 article that said non-citizens who voted could have accounted for Democratic victories in a few close elections in 2008. 

Numerous studies have shown that voter fraud in U.S. elections is very rare. 

Trump also proposed a package of ethics reforms, saying that if elected he would ban his administration officials from lobbying government for five years after leaving government.

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Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook said Trump's assault on the voting system was an act of desperation.

"He knows he's losing and is trying to blame that on the system. This is what losers do," Mook told reporters. 

Trump's campaign has been shaken since the release 10 days ago of a 2005 tape showing him lewdly bragging about kissing and touching women without their permission. 

A series of women have since come forward with allegations about such behavior on his part, but he has denied those accusations.

"They want to put nice sexy headlines up even though nothing happened," Trump said, blaming the media for trying to "poison the minds of the voters." 

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