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Backlash buries 'European' student group

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 2/03/2017

An Auckland University student group accused of promoting white nationalism has quickly disbanded after it says it was subject to threats and abuse.

The European Students Association hit the news this week when some were suspicious of its slogan "our pride is our honour and loyalty", which closely resembled a motto used by the Nazi SS, and Celtic symbols used by supremacist groups featured on its Facebook page.

On Thursday night,the group's unnamed president, who denied any racist intent, said it was disbanding and withdrawing its application to be affiliated with the Auckland University Students' Association.

"Sadly, it has become extremely dangerous for AUESA to continue with the appalling rhetoric by people on and off campus regarding our group," it said in a post.

"The constant threats to our safety, exposure of privacy, and general abuse the group and individuals have received is simply unacceptable, dangerous and extremely worrying."

Earlier, the group said it was strictly non-political and had planned activities such as "medieval re-enaction, outdoor events and concerts with an European theme as well as European cuisine feasts".

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