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Bad smell forces dive pool closure

dpa logodpa 12/08/2016

First it turned green, and now athletes are reporting the Olympic diving pool stinks, prompting organisers to shut it down.

First it turned an unusual shade of green, and now athletes are reporting a bad smell at the Rio Olympics diving pool.

German diver Stephan Feck posted on his Facebook account a photo of himself near the pool, holding his nose shut.

The captions says: "The moment you want to do some workout and the pool is closed. The whole venue smells like somebody has fart[ed]."

Organising committee spokesman Mario Andrada confirmed the diving pool had been shut down and told DPA this had been done to ensure a quick fix.

The strange green colour of the pool and the adjacent water polo pool have been making headlines for days.

Water treatment problems have been blamed, with FINA - the ruling body for water sports - saying water tanks had run out of some chemicals, leading the pH level of the water to be outside the usual range.

Organisers insist the unusual colour did not pose a danger to athletes' health.

Water polo players had complained on Wednesday about their eyes stinging, likely due to chlorine.

A preliminary round for the women's 3-metre springboard competition had been scheduled to be held in the diving pool on Friday.

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