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Bernie Sanders: Once More Into The Fray

The Huffington Post logo The Huffington Post 16/03/2016 Khwaja Khusro Tariq

To say the results of Super Tuesday were disappointing for Bernie supporters would be an understatement. Four out of five states were lost. The tie in Missouri was no consolation either. While the defeats in the Southeast were expected the ones in the industrial Midwestern states of Illinois and Ohio hurt -- and hurt bad.
According to the latest delegate count, Hillary Clinton now has more than twice the number of delegates Bernie Sanders has and an overall lead in excess of 800 delegates. The battle is uphill all the way from here for the Bernie Sanders campaign.
Is there some disillusion at the low turnouts, especially among the 18-30 age demographic that heavily favors Bernie? Yes.
Is there anxiety about the numbers game? Yes.
But here's the thing:
Twenty-six states as well as Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and the District are still to be contested. Half the delegates are still up for grabs. Hillary still needs more than 800 delegates to win the nomination. Some, most, or all of the 712 super delegates can still switch sides. The Southern states and the more conservative red states in the Midwest where Bernie was polling lowest are all but done voting.
These have traditionally been states that have supported fewer regulations on Wall Street and wholeheartedly espoused the Chicago School-Milton Friedman brand of capitalism. The word "Socialism" is anathema in these parts. In other words, the worst is over.
The math is most definitely tough for Sanders -- but not impossible. What is certain is that he can absolutely not afford to lose the two states with the highest delegate counts (California and New York) and will need to win a few states in the north and northwest, where he is polling best, by large margins.
And here's what's more. Taking the liberty of speaking for all Bernie Sanders supporters:
This is not a sporting contest, this is our future. We will not let our future fall into the hands of dynasty politicians like Hillary Clinton or megalomaniacal demagogues like Donald Trump without a fight.
Bernie is the only candidate we believe in and the only candidate we trust. He is the only candidate who cares about the people of this country and whose compassion has come through in every word, every action and every legislation vote. From his arrest in a civil rights protest in 1963 to his participation in a Pride Parade as Mayor of Vermont in 1983 to his relentless war on crony capitalism and corporate influence in politics, Bernie Sanders has been a hero.
We are with him to the bitter end.
To quote one of my favorite movie lines:
"Once more into the fray. Into the last good fight I'll ever know."

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