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Bill Clinton backs Hillary at convention

dpa logodpa 26/07/2016 Gretel Johnston

Former US president Bill Clinton will speak in support of his wife Hillary at the Democratic National Convention as he looks to rally fellow democrats.

Delegates at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday will hear from the man who probably knows Hillary Clinton best - her husband and former US president, Bill Clinton.

The second day of the convention opened in Philadelphia with delegates prepared for a roll call of the 50 US states and territories in which their votes will be tallied.

The raucous roll call, which gives each state's lead delegate a chance at the microphone, is expected to deliver the historic moment when Clinton reaches the number 2,838, to put her over the top and make her the first female presidential nominee of a major US political party.

But the moment won't belong entirely to Hillary Clinton.

Supporters of Bernie Sanders, who put up a strong challenge to the former secretary of state during the state-by-state primaries and caucuses, have vowed to make their voices heard on the convention floor.

There will be time for both Clinton and Sanders supporters to speak from the floor, but it will be largely a symbolic gesture for the Sanders camp.

Sanders called for unity on Monday and said he stands with Clinton, but he also noted that 1,846 of the 4,700 delegates were pledged to him.

Bill Clinton, who could become the first, first gentleman to occupy the White House, has spoken at every Democratic Party convention since 1988, but this will be the first time a former US president has spoken in favour of his spouse following in his footsteps.

Clinton, who remains beloved among Democrats despite his sex scandal-tainted presidency, is expected to talk about his wife's accomplishments in her early years in politics dating back to the time when he was governor of Arkansas.

It is expected that the former president will focus on the Hillary he knows beneath the public image.

"No one can do a better job talking about the things that Hillary has done, the fights she's taken on," said Robby Mook, her campaign manager.

Also on the agenda Tuesday are speeches by a group called Mothers of the Movement. These are mums who lost their children to gun violence or excessive use of force by police.

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