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Bill Nye Wants You To 'Transmit' Your Personality With A Bow Tie

The Huffington Post The Huffington Post 9/11/2015 Jamie Feldman

Bill Nye had a huge influence on every '90s science classroom. Now, he'd like to have an influence on your wardrobe, too. 

The beloved  "Science Guy" has teamed up with menswear designer Nick Graham on a line of limited-edition bow ties that are, naturally, science themed. Adorned with images of planets, the periodic table and even Nye's silhouette, each one perfectly embodies Nye's quirky style and, as exhibited by our interview with him, his personality, too. 

Nye, who boasts an impressive bow tie collection of "about 400," explained to The Huffington Post at Nick Graham's showroom in New York City that when it comes to fashion, science is more involved than you might think. "We can transmit information about ourselves, not only by our posture and our manner of speech and the way we move our hand and talk, but by the way we dress. To me, this is all science. It has to do with how our species interact." 

He has certainly transmitted tons of information about the world and himself over the years, most recognizably in a suit and bow tie. On days off, though, he "really likes the cut of skinny jeans" and, as a "mess-around-the-houser," often opts for painting pants at home. 


When it comes to style essentials, Nye swears by white button-down shirts, and has an interesting theory about their decline --  at least in some forms of media. "It seems to me it was the day the Bill Clinton impeachment hearing started, somebody told congressmen and senators to stop wearing white shirts on camera, that the world would explode! And they all started wearing blue. Blue shirts look OK, but if you want to be dressed up, you wear a white shirt," he said.  

For women, his favorite trend is a little less practical. "I know they're not especially good for your feet and I know it's a little dangerous for running, but high heels are fantastic. I don't wear them, but I'm a big fan," he said. 

Nye, who logically explained to the crowd that regular ties are less preferable for his work, since they have the tendency to "slip into the soup," said he does, in fact, have two regular ties left in his collection, but they're just kept for nostalgic purposes. "One from my brother's wedding and one that I wore to my first job interview, I'm not even joking you."

So, would he ever change back? "Who knows what the future holds? Maybe I'll decide that bow ties are bad, but I don't think so. Once you're in this far," he said, trailing off. "It's fine with me."


The bow ties retail for $49.50 each, with 10 percent of proceeds going toward the Planetary Society, Nye's non-profit, and can be purchased on

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