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Blessie's family consider next move

NZ NewswireNZ Newswire 17/05/2016

The family of Blessie Gotingco say they're considering their options after an inquiry cleared Corrections of wrongdoing in their handling of the man who murdered the Auckland mother.

An inquiry into the handling of Tony Douglas Robertson, who murdered and raped Ms Gotingco only six months after being released from prison in 2013, found authorities had made no errors which had created an opportunity for the crimes.

Mrs Gotingco's family said they were "disappointed and devastated" by the findings, which included 27 recommendations.

"Having reviewed the report and all the evidence at trial, we remain firmly of the view that the Department of Corrections' ineptitude enabled the evil killer to take our Blessie," Mrs Gotingco's husband Antonio told reporters.

On Wednesday, family spokeswoman Ruth Money said they were now looking at what step they could take next.

"[Antonio] is considering his options," she told TVNZ.

But Ms Money said the system made it difficult for families to do their own investigations because of a lack of access to information.

"We're still waiting for a copy of the police file," she said.

"But now that we have the inquiry and some files out there, we're hoping the family can source their own information and decide what to do from here."

Robertson, 29, was last year convicted of raping, then stabbing Mrs Gotingco to death after running her over in his car in the North Shore suburb of Birkdale in May 2014.

He was sentenced to life imprisonment with a 24-year minimum non-parole period and also given preventive detention with a 10-year minimum non-parole period for the 56-year-old's rape.

When he killed Mrs Gotingco, Robertson was still subject to strict monitoring and conditions following his release from prison after serving his full eight-year sentence for molesting and abducting a five-year-old girl.

In his report, Mel Smith said police and Corrections carried out the difficult task of managing Robertson while he was in prison, and after he was released, well.

"Robertson, and only Robertson, can be held responsible for what happened to Mrs Gotingco," he said.

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