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Blitz nabs phone-using Auckland drivers

NZ NewswireNZ Newswire 7/07/2016

Some Aucklanders still don't seem to be getting the message about not talking on their cellphones while driving.

Auckland police say they're disappointed by the high number of motorists caught using their phones while driving during a major road safety operation.

Just over 300 infringement notices were issued during Thursday's 14-hour operation.

Offences included talking on cellphones while driving, speeding, not wearing restraints, drink driving and running red lights.

"We're still finalising figures but it seems a large percentage of those motorists were caught using their cellphones while driving," Senior Sergeant Matt Knowsley said.

"It's a major distraction behind the wheel and nothing on your phone is so important that it's worth risking yours, or someone else's life, on the road."

Fifty-five people were caught speeding, while 12 infringement notices were handed out for not wearing seatbelts.

Motorists cop an $80 fine and are issued with 20 demerit points if caught driving while using a phone.

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