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Bollywood and Beyond

ICE Graveyard 28/04/2016 Rajan Thapaliya

Creative works like any other work depend upon the state of mind of the artist, writer, singer or the team that is engaged. Works done with purified mind and intellect are far superior than work done by people in lower consciousness irrespective of the field. The same thing has happened to the Bollywood industry. Stars like Amitabh Bhacchan and Shah Rukh Khan are dying right in front of our eyes with their works degrading at every level. When the engine that does the work lost its purity, nature has a way of replacing them with new ones.
Only those remain in the field, who are continuously purifying themselves to make them fit for their next project. Tainted and impure mind will only create rubbish that Bollywood has become today with few exceptions. Even Lord Brahma used to go back to meditate after doing many works of creation just so that he could purify himself for the next batch of projects. It is said that he once shed his old skin, which had become impure out of performing his duties and went back to meditate on Vishnu.
This is a very reason why most of the artists/performers of Bollywood who were creating wonderful works began deteriorating later because they forgot to keep themselves free from the contamination that comes with mixing with the world which is unavoidable. In the recent years, songs of Abhijeet Sawant, music of Udit Narayan , Adnan Sami and few films starring Ranveer Kapoor have had the ability to elevate mass consciousness to a higher level. Without these artists, entire India would have become the "Red District." Sunny Leone has taken new steps to remodel her work. That is a very different between artists and ordinary folks because the one who doesn't remain pure becomes a burden to the nature, a cause of chaos.
This is a very reason why young and new leaders need to replace the old ones in every field, including the Bollywood industry which has outreach across the world. There's not a town on earth without market for Bollywood movies. Work done by people of higher and pure consciousness take our minds to new dimensions, to new worlds where we cease to become beasts of burden and learn to fly in the new world, into new realms.
Hollywood movies like Casablanca, Avatar and Titanic, Bollywood movies like Sholay and Kollywood movies like Chino have subtle effect upon our brains and have a way of taking our consciousness away from the mundane worlds into higher realms where the hatred, jealousy, envy and mundane life of the lower consciousness doesn't exist. Every work, at every level can be made better by working with purified consciousness.

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