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Bombing suspect killed in blast in Germany

dpa logodpa 24/07/2016

The man who died in an explosion in southern Germany was probably carrying a bomb, authorities believe, but there's no sign of any other attackers.

A man killed in an explosion near a music festival in southern Germany was the likely attacker, a police spokeswoman says.

The attacker was carrying a backpack, but there is no information yet on his identity or any sign of further attackers, she said.

The blast in Ansbach, Bavaria, also injured 12 people, three of them seriously.

The explosive device is believed to have detonated at around 10pm local time on Sunday (0600 AEST Monday) as the man carried it through a busy area in Ansbach, where the open air event was taking place.

A man attempting to carry out a bombing in Ansbach, Germany, was killed in the blast, the Bavarian Interior Ministry confirmed.

Earlier the ministry spoke of a "deliberately set explosion".

Mayor Carda Seidel said the detonation occurred near the entrance to the Ansbach Open 2016 music festival where approximately 2500 people were in attendance.

It was the fourth violent episode in Germany in a week, three of them in Bavaria.

Earlier on Sunday, a 21-year-old Syrian refugee was arrested after killing a pregnant woman in a machete attack in Reutlingen, near Stuttgart.

That attack came days after a disturbed young German Iranian killed nine people in a shooting rampage in the centre of Munich and a refugee from Pakistan wielding an axe injured five people near Wuerzbuerg, before he was shot dead by police on July 18.

Ansbach is home to a US Army base and the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade. A spokesman at the base said the base had no information about the explosion.

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