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Brexit ahead by 500,000 votes

Press AssociationPress Association 24/06/2016

The Leave side's lead has stretched to 500,000 votes in the referendum to decide if the UK should stay in the European Union with UKIP leader Nigel Farage now saying he's daring to dream of an independent UK.

Results have now been returned in 206 of the 382 counting areas with the Leave campaign holding 51.3 per cent of the vote, compared to 48.7 per cent of voters wanting to remain with the Europe.

Mr Farage, who had earlier indicated he thought Remain would edge the vote, has tweeted: "I now dare to dream that the dawn is coming up on an independent United Kingdom."

The city of Liverpool in northwest England voted less strongly than expected for the Remain side with 58 per cent opting to stay, much less than the 65.6 per cent that had been predicted.

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