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British Lawmaker Calls David Cameron 'Dodgy,' Is Tossed From Parliament

ICE Graveyard 11/04/2016 Kim Bellware
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Ongoing fallout from the recent Panama Papers leak got one longtime British lawmaker so heated Monday he was thrown out of Parliament for the fiery words he directed at Prime Minister David Cameron. 

Referencing revelations that Cameron benefitted financially from his late father's offshore investments, which were revealed in the leak, Labour Member of Parliament Dennis Skinner dubbed Cameron "Dodgy Dave." 

House of Commons Speaker John Bercow gave Skinner several chances to take back the jeer or else face expulsion from the Commons for the remainder of the day's session.  

Skinner, 84, affectionately known as "The Beast of Bolsover" refused and instead doubled down on his remark. 

"This man has done more to divide this nation than anybody else," Skinner said, pointing at Cameron. "He's looked after his own pocket. I still refer to him as 'Dodgy Dave.' Do what you like!" 

Cameron is facing tough questions and plummeting popularity in the wake of the Panama Papers leak.

The prime minister on Monday addressed the House of Commons over the controversy.

"I accept all of the criticisms for not responding more quickly to these issues last week but as I said I was angry about the way my father's memory was being traduced," he said. 

Cameron previously insisted he does not have “anything to hide” regarding his financial affairs and told members of parliament on Monday that his father's offshore investments were "an entirely standard practice and it is not to avoid tax."

The Panama Papers leak revealed that Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca helped several world leaders conceal their wealth stashing their money in offshore accounts.

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