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Bromwich, Proctor broke my trust: Kidwell

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 7/05/2017

Kiwis coach David Kidwell is aghast at having his trust broken by Jesse Bromwich and Kevin Proctor but won't rule either player out of contention for the Rugby League World Cup.

Bromwich has stood down as New Zealand captain while both players face a host of other sanctions after being accused of consuming an illegal substance in a Canberra nightclub following the Test loss to Australia.

Kidwell has spoken to both forwards and said they were remorseful.

He said it would take him time to come to terms with what they had done but suggested the door will be left ajar for them to play at the World Cup hosted by Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

"The World Cup's five months away. They have to earn that trust back, starting with their clubs, their team-mates and then myself as well," Kidwell told Newshub.

"I'll have to work closely with their respective clubs and monitor them and see that they're doing the right things.

"Collectively we'll get together with senior management, senior players, the New Zealand Rugby League board and we'll come up with a solution."

Bromwich has been suspended for the Melbourne Storm's next two matches, agreed to donate his $A20,000 ($NZ21,500) Kiwis Test match fee to a charity and has stood down from the Storm leadership group.

Proctor will face the Gold Coast board later in the week for punishment but has already stepped down as the Titans co-captain and from playing duties.

Kidwell believes the drug involvement was out of character for two players who have been held in the highest regard by Kiwis players and coaches.

"I can only judge when I've been involved with these men," he said.

"They work hard for their team-mates on the field and that's why I'm so gutted because they've let themselves down and made a bad decision.

"I put trust in these men and clearly they've broken that trust."

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Bill English has offered his thoughts on the latest scandal to hit rugby league.

He struggled to understand why Bromwich and Proctor would take such a risk.

"For high-profile sportspeople, it's just a really dumb thing to do," he said.

"Rugby league has got to deal with the impression that it leaves for everybody, the same as rugby's had to deal with a bit of this.

"If you're that well recognised, you just can't do that sort of stuff."

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