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Buyer & Cellar at Seattle Rep; A 'What If' One-Man Treat That Keeps the Audience Laughing From Beginning To End

The Huffington Post The Huffington Post 7/11/2015 L. Steven Sieden

Seattle Rep's newest production Buyer & Cellar is hilarious from the minute Scott Drummond walks on stage and breaks the fourth wall by talking directly to the audience until the poignant ending. Drummond portrays unemployed actor Alex More who finds himself in the strange position of custodian and sole employee taking care of Barbra Steisand's basement mall.
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On the one hand, this is a surrealistic bizarre situation, however the script and Drummond's brilliant storytelling makes one believe that this could have actually happened. (Even though Drummond devotes some of his introduction time explaining that the whole story is fiction.)
Regardless, this fast paced show is essentially one very funny moment after another as Drummond plays all of the characters involved, including Streisand herself. It's also amazing to witness a single actor heroically telling an entire story solo with very little stagecraft to support him. Drummond does this with a magnificent bravado that keeps the audience attention throughout the Buyer & Cellar.
Here's how Settle Repertory Theatre describes Buyer & Cellar:

An actor's life is never easy. One day you're the Mayor of Disney's Toontown, the next you're the resident shopkeeper for Barbra Streisand's basement mall. Turns out it's lonely at the top (and the bottom) of the Hollywood food chain. This outrageous comedy takes an insider's look at fame and friendship and pushes it to the limit.

Personally, after seeing some pretty serious (and excellently well done) shows over the past couple weeks, I really enjoyed a genuine comedy delivered with plenty of laughs. It's the kind of show that has everyone walking out the door with a smile. Buyer & Cellar plays at Seattle Rep though November 22.

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