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Caption Contest: Tim Cook shows Maddie Ziegler the iPhone 7

Engadget logo Engadget 7/09/2016 Andrew Tarantola
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Apple unveiled its newest iPhone in San Francisco today and, despite some backlash over its "courageous" stand in removing the handset's conventional headphone jack, the iPhone 7 seemed well-received by the crowd. Among those in attendance, Maddie Ziegler, Sia's dancer/mini-doppelganger. After the keynote, Apple CEO Tim Cook showed off some of the phone's new features, but what was on the screen that has Ziegler so entranced?

Well, that's for them to know and you to make up because it's time to play Caption Contest! The rules are simple: Tweet us (@engadget) with the hashtag #EngadgetCaptionContest whatever funny, weird or oddball idea you think they're talking about and we'll retweet the best submissions as well as add them to this post. You'll be internet famous! Unless, of course, you decide to act like a major hoser and engage in personal attacks or lascivious conduct, in which case we'll mute/ban/ruthlessly mock you. Here are some suggestions by our staff to get your creative juices flowing.

Aaron Souppouris: "We actually have a headphone port we just covered it up for kicks"

Andrew Tarantola: "Here you can see the precise moment that Harambe was assassinated. Back, and to the left. Back, and to the left."

Nathan Ingraham: "That PS4 Pro footage looks DOPE!"

Roberto Baldwin: "See, we have a money vault just like Scrooge McDuck"

Cherlynn Low: "That's where we kept Craig Federighi and his hair today"

Terrence O'Brien: "Here's ones of me and Bono, and here I am with Ryan Tedder, and here's one of me in a car with Pharrell and James Corden, oh and did I tell you about the time I met..."

Richard Lawler: "...and with this button I can put a U2 album on any iPhone"

Kris Naudus: "And this is what Nintendo stock looks like today"

Jessica Conditt: "Let me show you how messaging works by opening this text I just got from Anthony Weiner"

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