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Chaotic moment PM Theresa May runs the wrong way as she's bundled into car during London terror attack

Mirror logo Mirror 24/03/2017 Stephen Jones

This is the chaotic moment Theresa May runs the wrong way as she's bundled into a car to safety - while gunshots ring out - during the London terror attack .

The Prime Minister was only about 100 yards from Kahlid Masood when he launched his fatal knife attack at the Houses of Parliament on Wednesday.

As word quickly spread of the imminent danger Mrs May was in, her close protection officers were previously reported to have grabbed the PM and 'bundled' her into a car to make a fast getaway.

Video has emerged this morning - obtained by The Sun - which reveals exactly what happened.

It reveals in fact how dangerously close Masood got to the Prime Minister - said to be separated from his attack by just THREE unlocked doors at the time - and how she appeared confused as to what to do.

Credits: REUTERS © Provided by Trinity Mirror Plc Credits: REUTERS In the footage - apparently filmed from an upstairs window - the PM can be seen emerging from the Houses of Parliament surrounded by armed guards and heading for her car parked inside the Palace complex.

The archways between her and the spot where Masood was gunned down after he raced through the gates and stabbed a police officer are clearly visible.

The PM can be seen clearly losing her bearings - and needing to be steered back in the direction of her car by aides.

The footage shows Mrs May being hurried - NOT carried, pushed or jostled - towards her parked car in Speaker's Corner.

It also shows that she waited for the car door to be opened for her - potentially losing valuable seconds.

Armed guards can be seen nearby with their guns drawn and ready to shoot.

The guards fan out as they approach the car - with one peeling off to apparently watch the exit.

An armed cop climbs in next to the PM on the backseat - and another besides the driver.

Credits: PA © Provided by Trinity Mirror Plc Credits: PA Once inside the vehicle, a silver Jaguar XJ, there appears to be a further delay as the car hesitates leaving the car park.

Other officers climbed into a black Range Rover parked opposite the PM's car which then pulls forward but then reverses - apparently adding to the confusion.

The cars speed off towards Black Rod's Gate and onwards to No.10 Downing Street - and steered clear of where Masood was gunned down.

One of the PM’s security team can be heard shouting on the footage: “Do not go out!

"There’s an incident going on. Do not go out. I’m a police officer, stay inside.”

The Sun reports that the footage is "sparking fears that the PM could have been left vulnerable".

However at the time it was not known if there was more than one attacker and information about what had just happened on Westminster Bridge was just coming through - so it could be that the driver was rethinking his route hastily.

Credits: PA © Provided by Trinity Mirror Plc Credits: PA A source told The Sun: “There was clear air between the spot where the terrorist was shot down and Mrs May’s car.

“There were no locked doors, just two open archways for vehicles. If there had been more than one attacker, God only knows what might have happened.

“They could have run straight through one of the open arches and tried to stab or shoot her.”

The Sun claims its sources told them that had Masood turned in a different direction, he could have had a free run at the House of Commons and its two voting lobbies - where the Prime Minister was standing.

Its source continued: “Had this been a carefully planned attack, the timing could not have been better as MPs are less secure when they enter the voting lobbies.

“If an armed attacker had got through New Palace Yard and caught the PM on her way to her car her safety would have been very seriously compromised.

“The attack was shocking but could have been so much worse if it had been a gang with guns rather than a lone wolf with knives.”

Masood was gunned down by Defence Minister Michael Fallon's bodyguard - and NOT an armed police officer - it's subsequently emerged.

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