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Chch man's desperate hunt for work

NZ NewswireNZ Newswire 19/04/2016 Cleo Mary Fraser

Christchurch man Ashley Templer's desperation to find work couldn't be more clear if he wrote it on a sign and walked around the city.

The brick layer who can't find work in a city being rebuilt has resorted to standing at a busy intersection holding a "need work" poster. He's had no luck finding a job despite applying for up to 100 over the past fortnight.

"It's not exactly what I want to be doing but I've got to do something," the 24-year-old told NZ Newswire on Monday.

"I can't prove that I've done all this but I've been ringing around and I'm standing here (which) is my last resort."

Mr Templer said the fact his tools were stolen recently and the high number of "cheap" foreign workers in Christchurch had contributed to the difficulties he faced finding work.

"When all the labouring jobs are being taken up by foreign workers and leaving the Kiwis out on it it's put me in a position where I have to stand out here and do this," he said.

His facial tattoos, which he now regrets having inked, are also a turn-off for employers, he said.

But he insists he's a good worker and would be happy to work for free for a few hours or even a day to prove himself.

Mr Templer's straight-forward approach appears to be working as he has already been offered some part-time work since he took up his spot on the corner of Ferry and Ensors roads on Saturday.

He plans to return to the intersection until he finds enough work to get by.

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