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China, Germany top refugee welcome index

NZ NewswireNZ Newswire 19/05/2016

The vast majority of people surveyed in 27 countries would welcome refugees seeking safety from war and persecution, new research shows.

Amnesty International has just released its Refugees Welcome Index which puts China, Germany and Britain at the top with Russia, Indonesia and Thailand at the bottom.

New Zealand wasn't one of the countries surveyed but Australia was, and is ranked fifth.

Amnesty says the results of its survey show governments are out of touch with public opinion.

The New Zealand government has been under pressure to increase its annual quota of 750, which is under review.

Prime Minister John Key earlier this month said there was "a very real chance" it would be increased.

The survey questioned 27,000 people and 80 per cent of them said they would welcome refugees into their country.

The results show that globally:

* One person in 10 would take refugees into their home: the number rises to 46 per cent in China, 29 per cent in Britain and 20 per cent in Greece, but was as low as one per cent in Russia and three per cent in Poland

* 32 per cent said they would accept refugees in their neighbourhood, 47 per cent in their city, town or village and 80 per cent in their country

* In 20 of the 27 countries, more than 75 per cent of respondents said they would let refugees into their country

* Only 17 per cent said they would refuse refugees entry to their country.

* Only in one country, Russia, did more than a third of people say they would deny them access.

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