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ChristChurch Cathedral timeline

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ChristChurch Cathedral was built between 1864 and 1904 in the centre of Christchurch surrounded by Cathedral Square.


* The magnitude 6.3 quake in February destroyed the spire and part of the tower, and severely damaged the rest of the building.

* The west wall suffered collapses in the June 2011 earthquake and the December 2011 quake.


* The remainder of the tower was demolished in March.

* The Church Property Trustee's decision to build a contemporary cathedral in the Square was challenged in the courts by the Greater Christchurch Building Trust (GCBT).


* The Cardboard Cathedral in Latimer Square opened in August


* The High Court lifts a stay on deconstruction of the cathedral.


* In May the trust's decision to build a contemporary cathedral was paused following a request from the GCBT.

* The Crown decided to appoint Miriam Dean QC to assess the situation.


* In January the trust's decision to build a contemporary cathedral was again paused, following an approach from the government to review the feasibility of reinstatement.

* The government's Cathedral Working Group's report confirmed the cost of a rebuild was about $104m and would take seven years.

* In late December 2016 the trust believed an agreement was in place and were ready to sign.

* In November the 7.8 Kaikoura earthquake struck and the following month Prime Minister John Key resigned.

* By December the offer on the table which the trust was prepared to sign was changed to a statement of principles, the trust says.


* In March the government clarified the terms of its new offer, a $10 million grant and a $15 million loan.

* On May 21 Bishop Victoria Mathews announces the Anglican Diocese of Christchurch's Synod will make the decision on the future of ChristChurch Cathedral at its meeting in early September 2017.

(Source: Anglican Church)

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